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7 Seat Car Leasing

7 seat car leasing deals from lease world

7 Seat Car Lease Deals

At Lease World we offer great deals on all 7 seater car lease options available in the UK.  Not only do we have some of the most competitive deals on the market but finance options to suit most budgets.  Whether you require a personal lease or leasing for a business we will get you a great lease deal.
Lease World are a leading car leasing and contract hire specialists and offers fantastic deals from some of the biggest car brands on the market. 
As well as new cars we can offer cost saving 7 seat 3-4 year old used cars as cheap as chips!

Why lease a 7 seater?

7 seater cars are an excellent choice for those who have a growing family or enjoy getting out and about.  They are super handy when your kids want friends round and need picking up from school and dont want the hassle of doing multi-trips.  They are also ideal for business event transport and other work-related activities, organising car-sharing and complicated transport logistics are a thing of the past. These vehicles also offer huge storage with the seats down - only matched by small commercial vehicles. They are equally at home in the city or on the open road.
Modern people carriers offer excellent comfort, performance and fuel economy. When you need more space and flexibility the 7 seater car lease offers we have are hard to beat.

We will get you a great deal!

We have over 25 years of experience when it comes to matching your requirements to the vehicle that's going to provide everything you need – and more. Whatever you want from your vehicle, we have an affordable choice you're going to love and we keep up-to-date on all the latest developments in this growing market sector. Leasing a 7 seater vehicle is surprisingly straightforward and we work hard to ensure you have your new car parked on your drive and ready to go as quickly as possible.

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