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Welcome to Lease World - Your Car Lease Specialists

Lease World is a friendly, family run business specialising in car and van contract hire and leasing. Launched in 1994 we have supplied lease vehicles for over 25 years to thousands of satisfied customers across the UK. With a keen eye for a bargain and a no-pressure attitude we look to get our customers cheap lease deals every time.

We work closely with vehicle manufacturers, large motor groups and key car finance partners. We offer some of the most competitive auto lease rates in the market, ensuring our customers return time and time again. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and maintain an independent 5 Star rating on google from valued customer reviews.

We are here to source, finance and supply your new and used cars and commercial vehicles.

car leasing

Personal Car Leasing

A lease is personal if it is paid for by a private individual rather than any type of business or organisation.  Personal car leasing is for any individual aged 18 or above with a valid full license to drive in the UK and is subject to status.

Personal Contract Hire

Personal Contract Hire (PCH) is the most popular form of privately leasing a vehicle. PCH is an affordable way to drive a brand new car. We offer this form of leasing on every make and model of new car and commercial vehicle.

PCH is more often offered on a 24-48 lease period however we have a selection of short term car lease deals typically 12 and 18 months.

The price you pay as with all leasing methods is determined by a number of factors.

- Vehicle purchase price
- Vehicle residual value (RV)
- Initial payment amount
- Payment profile
- Length of the lease
- Annual mileage
- Lease inclusions such as full maintenance

With personal contract hire you are not committing to purchase the vehicle. At the end of the lease period the vehicle will be collected however, it may also be possible to extend the lease or purchase the vehicle at the discretion of the finance company. Find out more about PCH.

Personal Contract Purchase

The main difference with Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) compared to PCH is that you have a guaranteed future value [gfv] amount in writing at the offset. This means you know exactly what the vehicle will cost should you wish to purchase at the end of the lease. 

Unlike PCH which has a fixed cost - PCP includes an Annual Percentage Rate (APR) - the payment amount is the purchase price and road tax minus the gfv plus the APR.

The guaranteed future value [gfv] is also know as the balloon payment.

The personal used car leasing that we offer is funded using PCP. Read more about PCP.

Hire Purchase

We only use Hire Purchase for used vehicles else it is not as competitive as better suited finance methods.

Hire purchase (HP) is one of the most commonly used methods to finance used motor vehicles. 

With HP the entire vehicle cost if funded and paid back based on an APR calculation. As the whole price is payable it is much more expensive monthly than alternative leasing options.

Unlike personal contract purchase PCP no balloon payment is payable at the end if the customer wants to own the vehicle. 

If the customer has a large deposit to put down, HP may be a better option for a customer than PCP but very rarely and only if the customer wantrs complete ownership.

Business Car Lease

Business leasing is when a lease vehicle is paid for by a company rather than an individual.  This includes sole traders, partnerships, limited companies, PLC's and registered charities.

Contract Hire

Business Contract Hire is by far the most popular, cost effective and tax efficient way to drive a new car.

If you a company car driver this type of finance offers you a better car for less and worry free motoring. From a business perspective Contract Hire is both tax and VAT efficient and a percentage of payments can be offset against business profits.

The vehicle is leased over a set period (usually 24-48 months) and at the end of the lease period the vehicle is collected. This is great for businesses that like to hold a good image, reward their employees with a new car every few years plus maximise tax relief.

Read more about business contract hire. 

Finance Lease

Finance lease is much rarer these days than it used to be. Whilst it is similar to Contract Hire in the way the payments are calculated. 

The tax advantages and disadvantages are different to Contract Hire as this form of financing is on balance sheet. It is mainly aimed at vat registered companies as like Contract hire 50% of the vat can be reclaimed.

With finance lease the balloon amount payable at the end of the lease period is the responsibility of the hirer and the vehicle can only be purchased by a third party.

There are lots of advantages and disadvantages to finance lease which you can find out about here.

Lease Purchase

Lease purchase is the finance method we offer for business customers wishing to lease a second hand vehicle.

This is in effect hire purchase with a “balloon”, designed specifically for businesses which wish to own the vehicle at the end of the agreement. 

The customer hires the vehicle for the length of the agreement and takes ownership of the vehicle once the contract has concluded. 

The payment profile of lease purchase typically involves a deposit, regular monthly payments and a final balloon payment, representing the vehicle’s estimated Residual Value (RV) at the end of the agreement, calculated in the same way as the optional final payment under a personal contract purchase contract (PCP)). 

Unlike PCP, the customer cannot hand the vehicle back at the end of the agreement, so must pay the RV (and sometimes a nominal option to purchase fee). 

If vehicle is worth more than the RV, the surplus could be used as deposit on a replacement vehicle. But if the RV is more than the vehicle’s actual value, the customer must make up the shortfall or refinance it.