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No Deposit Car Leasing

zero deposit leasing

No deposit car leasing is available to everyone, in other words it is not a niche product. We offer zero deposit car and commercial vehicle leasing on the majority of vehicles.

If you have a good credit status and you can afford the payments you should be fine however, zero deposit car leasing is subject to status.

Whether you pay none or a large deposit you will pay the same total amount regardless of the payment pattern. Therefore would you prefer no deposit but higher monthly payments or a higher initial payment and lower monthly payments. Subject to credit status the choice is yours.

No deposit car leasing is not available on all short term lease offers. With no deposit car leasing you just pay your monthly rentals in advance. Payment profiles would be 1+23, or 1+35 or 1+47, etc.

When you request a written online lease quotation you will have the option to advise what initial payment you want to pay. We will then calculate your lease costs based on the information provided.

The lower the initial deposit the higher the monthly rental. However, generally the total amount that you will pay over the entire lease period remains the same.

Let me explain further…

With our most popular finance method “Contract Hire” there is no interest rate. There is no APR – just a total amount to be paid.

Example: A 12 month lease and the total amount payable is £1200 – with no deposit you pay £100 per month for 12 months. Therefore the total payable is £1200.

You could pay £1000 in advance. The balance is £200 which you pay with 11 equal monthly rentals of £18.18. Total payable is still £1200.

If you have any questions about how no deposit leasing works please contact us on 01189 420030.