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Short Term Car Leasing

12 & 18 Month Short Term Car Leasing

A short term car lease is ideal if you are on a work contract. It's ideal if you have a new job and don't want to financially commit yourself long term in case it doesn’t work out for you or your employer. Short term leasing is suitable for those who are looking to move abroad in the near future or are close to retirement or change in life circumstance. Maybe you are planning a family or have a major cash injection coming and need something until you can afford your Ferrari. Or perhaps you just like a new car lease or van every 12 or 18 months?

Short term leasing is usually more expensive than long term leasing but considerably cheaper than daily rental. Such as the rates that you would get from Avis or Enterprise for example. Unlike rental cars you do not have to take out expensive rental car insurance you can use regular insurance instead.

All of the vehicles we offer are brand new. This is great to send the right impression if you are a business user and visiting clients. A new car is a great indication that you are successful. Your clients tend to pick up on this and it gives a good first impression. In business especially first impressions are very important.

We have a great selection of vehicles you can lease from one year available for you below.

12 month car and van lease see our 18 month car and van leasing offers